Charlie Hoehn

Author and TED Talk speaker. “The Power of Play in male friendships”, "The loss of community for American Men and why white men keep shooting people"

Charlie Hoehn’s TEDx talk on “The power of play” vaulted him to national awareness in the area of men’s relationships. He has also gained recognition for his works on male aggression and the loss of male community. Charlie is the author of Play It Away and Play for a Living. He is currently the Head of Video for Book In a Box, and previously the Director of Special Projects for Tim Ferriss.

Charlie has spoken at the Pentagon, TEDx events, universities around the world. His work has been featured on NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Globe and Mail, Financial Times, CBS News, and many others. His blog is the #1 search result on Google worldwide for “anxiety cure.” Currently, Charlie is the Head of Author Marketing for Book In A Box. With nearly a decade in book marketing experience,

Charlie is the host of the Author Hour podcast, and co-host of the “Helping Joe” Mating Grounds podcast with Tucker Max and Nils Parker (over 10 million downloads). He lives in Austin, with his lovely wife, baby daughter, and two dogs.

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